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Message 142 - Posted: 10 Dec 2012, 23:13:31 UTC


how can I find out my "hard" account key?
In my account page I can only find my weak account key.

boincstats says, two statistic accounts are merged, when email-addresses of all projects are the same and when a system is running on all projects so they get linked.

Well, my two statistic accounts did not merge so far, maybe because my system only knows its weak account key of this project?

Regards sts

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Message 143 - Posted: 11 Dec 2012, 10:44:01 UTC

I don't know whether this would help - but apparently there is a file named 'account_bearnol.is-a-geek.com_wanless2.xml' on your local computer with an 'authenticator' which _may_ be what you're after?
(PS, and btw, I understand it's good practice not to post this authenticator publicly, for security reasons)

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Message boards : Number crunching : "hard" account key

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