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Message 335 - Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 0:27:41 UTC

Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Lets you run a Linux executable inside a Windows10 System.

Thus so for the win System which has installed WSL and the ubuntu distro you are able to execute the "wep" application by typing wsl.exe wep.

BOINC itself manages nearly everything, copying of all needed files/info from the Projects\wanless Directory to slots\x (whatever slot it just uses). after that boinc executes wep with some args added (Input file, Output file, whatever).

Now, on win with WSL it is just some extra letters in your "what to execute" configuration... instead of wep %args% it does wsl.exe wep %args%

Correct me if I am wrong... and I would be happy to test.
Atleast I would be very interested in testing out your executable inside WSL, if it runs at all.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Windows Subsystem for Linux

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