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Message boards : Number crunching : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released

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Message 67 - Posted: 21 Mar 2010, 16:57:22 UTC

Today I have released Dotsch/UX 1.2.

Dotsch/UX is a Linux distribution for BOINC which easily installs and boot from a USB stick, hard disk and from diskless clients and also has some interfaces to setup the diskless server and the clients automatically.

For more informations have a look at

New features in 1.2 :
• Build in NVIDIA CUDA support, a additional tool to enable and check the NVIDIA CUDA support.
• Persistent Live CD mode for testing the distribution as Live CD and store the data on a USB stick/disk
• Automated and semiautomatic backup of the BOINC client data and some other OS data
• Included Ganglia for performance monitoring of the Dotsch/UX Grids
• Pre Installed BOINC client 6.10.17
• Removed a lot of unneeded packages in the x86 and x64 distribution
• A lot of bug fixes and enhancements

Special thanks to all the peoples which supported and helped to make the new distribution possible !

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Message 73 - Posted: 3 Apr 2010, 14:07:20 UTC - in response to Message 67.


I do a test DOTSCH :-)

Thank you

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Message boards : Number crunching : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released

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