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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Raspberry Pi tasks losing progress on resume (Message 265)
Posted 2887 days ago by hartacus
Hi Bearnol,

Haha ok, no worries then! Might just take care about when to restart the Pi's then.

Thanks for supporting the RPi! It's good to have something to keep the little things busy.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Raspberry Pi tasks losing progress on resume (Message 263)
Posted 2889 days ago by hartacus
I have two Raspberry Pis (an RPi 2 and an RPi model B) running wanless2 tasks. During the course of troubleshooting an unrelated issue on the RPi 2 (now fixed), I noticed that when I restarted BOINC or the RPi any progress on a wanless2 task was lost. No error, the task would just start again.

Using the checkpoint_debug log flag, it seems as though the wanless2 tasks aren't checkpointing to disk at all. However, some of the tasks I've run on the RPi model B have completed and validated, indicating that if the task is allowed to run without interruption it completes without issue. So it seems not to be an issue with write permissions or anything like that (which are correctly set up, I double checked), but with the task not actually trying to write progress to disk.

BOINC is set to allow checkpointing at most every 60 secs, and other projects checkpoint accordingly.

Any ideas?

Edit: resetting the project does not resolve the issue

Edit 2: the issue only seems to occur when restarting BOINC and/or the RPi. Manually suspending either the project or the task, then resuming, doesn't seem to cause the issue - the task still doesn't checkpoint but progress is not lost. Which is weird, because I don't have BOINC set to leave projects in memory when suspended. Haven't yet let the task run through to completion to verify if it'll complete successfully after that though.

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