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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Hi - FB Sprint (Message 478)
Posted 61 days ago by [H]auntjemima
challenge bunkering causes problems on a small project - again

lots of BAWWWWW about "unfairness" to bunkerers and how it makes the project look BADDDDD

i'm sorry, but expecting the admin to jump through hoops to help is unreasonable when presented with this behaviour

Ridiculous reply.

My suggestion would have been to prevent new tasks from coming out until the backlog was taken care of. I have uploaded thousands of tasks here at a time without issue, so it can handle quite a bit at a time. Just "turning things off" and avoiding it is crazy.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Hi - FB Sprint (Message 468)
Posted 61 days ago by [H]auntjemima
Well, if he was asked if he wanted to be included on the list of projects for the FB sprints, which I'm not sure of, I'm sure he had no clue what he was getting himself into. As for changing the expiration time for his tasks, why should he? You all went into it knowing about the 2 day limit but decided to go for it anyways. A project admin shouldn't change things about his project just because things aren't going your way.

As you know, I don;t really participate in the FB sprints anymore since last years sprint fiasco(s). I am only here because I run WEP2 occasionally and I happened to look at my FB tab thats still open and thought, why not? When the server was down, I came here and here we are. I moved back to other projects, so no loss here at all. I didn't even do a single task.

Projects are designed to have users offer their processing power. If people overwhelm the system and it takes some time to process, ok. This seems like a case of the servers being overwhelmed and the admin shutting down portions for the time being, effectively preventing completed work from reporting. That is bullshit, quite frankly.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Hi - FB Sprint (Message 466)
Posted 61 days ago by [H]auntjemima
What's sad is the guy running Formula BOINC sprints allowing a tiny project like this to be selected for a sprint with all you bunker experts that know full well your tactics would likely take the site down as soon as you all tried to dump your bunkers at once. This project never should have been on the list or selected for a sprint. The site was running just fine until you all showed up trying to out do each other. I'll still be here crunching tasks for bearnol long after your all gone. I hope you have better luck with the project you pick for the next sprint.

Hey CO!

Unless I am missing something, I believe each year projects are asked if they want to be involved in the sprints that year. This project would have had to agree, which means it can be picked at any time.

Completely agree on your other point, though. This is a known small project, its known it will go down under heavy load and yet people rush here and bring it to its knees and then complain the entire time.

As far as the points go, I think the admin is making a bad decision by not extending the task time. 5 days as suggested before would do SOMETHING to alleviate the potential for missing points, even if the sprint is only 3 days long.

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