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idahofisherman ("I am a retired networking guy. Now both my wife and I are retired and avid fisherpersons. ...")
Irondog ("Computer technician, shade tree mechanic, cat person.")
Illidan Flameseeker ("Hi all, i\'m Luca from Italy, and i like crunching in projects like this ;)")
Ireland BOINC ("Come and join team Ireland today. We would love to have you with us! Join our team;...")
Infomat ("IT/IS Manager, french man, aged 45, use computers since 35 years. Astronomy passioned and...")
iX ("mostly harmless...")
i2000s ("Join our team Crises Killer to Kill Critical problems for our planet, our society, our...")
Indy ("I´m member of, the biggest Czech team. I´m crunching since...")

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