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Proud member of Germany's biggest BOINC team:

Bitte unterst├╝tze unser BOINC-Team und trete SETI.Germany hier bei WEP-M+2 bei!
Please support our BOINC-Team and join SETI.Germany here on WEP-M+2!

I was born on December, 20th, 1988. Being interested in science since I can think, I came across BOINC in 2004 and joined my first project -SETI@home- on my 16th birthday. In my opinion, every kind of science has the same importance, so I participate in many projects from physics over biology, medicine and chemistry up to maths, like WEP-M+2. You can find a full list of my projects in my BOINCstats/BAM! profile.

I'm a member of SG-SPEG, SETI.Germany - Schnelle Projekt-Eingreif-Gruppe.

Don't let your computer idle... use your power for science!

Btw: My profile picture shows the Ring Nebula (M57). The photo was taken with a 6 inch Newtonian telescope.
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